For fans, by fans

Fans around the world flocked to Wikia’s communities of pop-culture experts to deepen their knowledge. We needed a way for these disparate Fandoms to exist together and create a brand of brands. Thus was born the Universe of Fandom. During an intense period of growth, I was the Art Director for Wikia where I expanded this universe across programs, campaigns, events, and products.


A universe of brands

Wikia’s Universe of Fandom could hold an ever-growing number of communities, all repping their brands of choice. It was an omni-genre, omni-interest mashup party — you never who you’ll meet.


A symbol of fandom

The updated symbol. It respected the history of Wikitext brackets, while hinting at the collaboration core to all fandoms on Wikia.

Full spectrum fandom

The new brand system spawned glossy new colors and icons to support category hubs with deeper site taxonomy.


Expanding fandom

Wikia had enduring partnerships with major entertainment and game studios. Many of these bore programming, product releases, and IRL experiences.


Playstation and Xbox launch hub

Product launch: Wikia Maps

Product launch: Wikia Maps

A young adult fiction program

Real-time fan trivia quiz show

Series with fan-sourced Easter Egg trivia

App partnership: Warner Brothers Games

Experiential: Fan fiction food truck

Experiential: A live-edit train to Comic-Con

Series featuring masters of Japanese Animanga

Series featuring masters of Japanese Animanga

Series of the year’s hottest fandoms

Series of the year’s hottest fandoms

The Fan Studio, the in-house content creation space for Wikia’s biggest fans


MyWikia app

A mashup characters populated the world of Wikia’s reader app. The ultimate app for fans, introducing MyWikia was an opportunity to show the whimsy of collective fandom.


Identity and launch campaign


Community apps

As part of the Universe of Fandom, we parsed each Wiki into its own standalone community app. Each icons was a window into the Universe, implying the endless nature of fandom on Wikia.

iTunes Store Screenshot.png

App icon treatment guide

Quick reference guide to recreate community app icons.


Brand style guide

Quick reference guide for WIkia’s marketing, product, and sales designers.