A global rebrand

An early contender in online education, Udemy had grown exponentially for years. As the competition matured, the brand needed a differentiated articulation and expression. I was the creative lead on a rebranding effort that reinvigorated the entire brand, business, and a global community of millions.


Owning the story of online learning

Udemy had fostered more learning connections than any other company in the world.

It was an unprecedented story of seekers and sharers of knowledge, transforming their lives together.

It was time for Udemy to own its brand story.


Brand Book

I refined Udemy’s brand core and developed robust guidelines for identity, photography, typography, and illustration. Select pages below. Co-authored with Kiran Umapathy.


The Union

We named the new brand symbol “The Union”. Its motion honors global handwriting directions and hints at the learning connection between the student and instructor.


A new promise

I launched Udemy’s first tagline: Be able. This was the purest delivery of brand promise for all those who don’t learn to just do something, but learn to be someone.


Be able

Est. 2017